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Helpful stuff for troubleshooting control & AV

The items listed below are some of the tools that you might need whenever you are troubleshooting AV in general.

Listed are both hardware and software that might be very handy to have!

  • UNI IR Learner for learning IR commands (ACC-C-IRL)
  • USB<->RS232 adapter
  • DB 9 Gender changer - (Female/Female) (Male/Male)
  • DB 9 Cross connector (Null-Modem)
  • DB 9 Signal tester– Link
  • Screwdriver for Euroblock connector - Link
  • Phone SIM card ejector tool (Alternative a paperclip)
  • Behringer CT100 Professional 6-in-1 Cable Tester (audio) - Link
  • Pockethernet, Ethernet network analyzer & cable tester - Link
  • Docklight Scripting software for emulating RS-232 and LAN commands -