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Configuring Auto-Connect in daVinci

This article explains how to configure the daVinci Auto-Connect features.  Auto-Connect allows you to configure daVinci software to automatically connect to a daVinci layout when daVinci is launched.  It is a very useful feature for non-technical end users not wishing to go through the normal Connect to Network/System discovery process.

Auto-Connect dialog

Begin by Enabling the Auto-Connect features from the ToolsOptions menu.            


Auto-Connect options

The Auto-Connect dialog provides two ways of achieving auto-connect. 

Option 1: "Auto-connect whenever daVinci starts" is the default option and  allows auto connect using the specified system ID and IP address information every time daVinci software is launched on the PC.

Option 2:  "Auto-connect when -AC specified on daVinci command line" allows adding a seperate 'Auto-Connect' shortcut. This allows daVinci software to be seperately launched in the usual fashion. Only shortcuts that contain the "-AC" switch on the command line will cause Auto-Connect to occur.  When you create a daVinci shortcut as described below, it automatically has -AC added to its command line target.


Clicking the "Add Shortcut" button launches the adjacent dialog.

The first option allows adding an Auto-connect Shortcut to the Windows Startup Folder. The Startup folder is typically accessed from Start>All Programs>Startup. This allows a daVinci surface to auto-connect and launch everytime the PC boots up or is restarted. 

The second option adds the Auto-connect shortcut to the Windows Registry under the "Run" Registry key. It functions in the same way as the first option, except that the shortcut itself is not defeatable by the user. 

The third option simply adds the Auto-connect Shortcut to the Window's Desktop (with the -AC switch added to the command line target).

Auto-Connect Override

Auto-Connect can be overridden, in cases where the options need to be changed or maintenance needs to be performed.  To override Auto-Connect, hold down the Alt key while the daVinci application starts.

When overriding Auto-Connect, daVinci will ask you for the Auto-Connect Override Password.  If no password was specified when Auto-Connect was configured, you can leave it blank and press OK.  Otherwise, the correct password must be entered before Auto-Connect can be overridden.

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