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Using Hotspots in daVinci

Hotspots are free-form polygons that can be drawn on a daVinci control surface to control several application or paging functions. They can be set as transparent and overlaid onto images, to be used as invisible buttons with arbitrary shapes.


After completing the steps in this article, you should be able to place a draw a hotspot control, edit its display attributes and assign a function to it.

Drawing a hotspot

  • Select the hotspot control from the Control Bar

            Control Bar 2.GIF

  • Click and drag anywhere on the control surface to start drawing the first line
  • Release the mouse at the desired location to finish the first line
  • Subsequent clicks will add a new lines to the polygon
  • The polygon can be completed by drawing a line to the stating point or by right-clicking after the last line

Editing the display attributes

Display attributes can be set in the property sheet:

Display attributes.GIF

Making a transparent Hotspot

To make a transparent hotspot, leave all setting as default and change the PenWidth value to 0

Transparent control.GIF

Assigning an action

 Assigning an action to the hotspot control is also done in the property sheet under the Data Attributes tab. Click on the Service field to expand the list and select the action. Depending on the selection, there might be other information to enter.


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