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Using Popups in daVinci

DaVinci offers several ways to organize control items on a control surface. One of those is the ability to have specific controls, or group of controls, open as Popups on top of your control surface as needed. This feature is useful for those instances where multiple channels of audio must be controlled from a single page.


After completing the steps on this article, you will be able to place control objects on a daVinci control surface that open as a popup when a button or hotspot is pressed.

Enable Popup

  1. Place the control object where it should appear when it's opened
  2. Select the control item to be affected by popups
  3. Open the Property Sheet and select the Data Attributes tab
  4. Set the EnablePopup field to 1-Yes
  5. Set the ShowCloseButton field to 1-Yes if you want individual close (hide) buttons on each control (Note: this is useful if the popup will contain a single object. For a group of objects, it's preferable to set this value to 0-No and add a close popups control).

Enable popup.GIF

Add a control to open the Popup

  1. Add a button control or a Hotspot control to the control surfacePopup control.GIF
  2. Open the Property Sheet and select the Data Attributes tab.
  3. Set the DSP Block Type field to Application.
  4. Set the Service field to Open Popups​.
  5. Select the elipsis (...) next to Popups to open a list of enabled controls in your control page
  6. Check the controls(s) to be opened with the button.
  7. If desired, Popups can be password protected. To set it up, set the Enable Popup Password field to 1-Yes and type a password in the corresponding field.

Add a master close button

If multiple controls are opened with a single open button, it might be preferable to have a single close button for all Popups than having individual buttons for each control object in the group. The process is the same as described above but in this case, don't assign any controls to the open Popups button.  Since only one Popup can be opened at a time, clicking on an "empty" Popup button will close all other Popups.

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