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Cut-out dimensions for Audia/Nexia control devices

Biamp Systems' control devices are designed to fit standard gang box sizes. But in some applications a wall box cannot be installed or a customized wall cut out might be required. Furthermore, this article may help adapting any control device for different electrical standards to installations worldwide.

RCB Devices

Volume 8



Fig.1: Volume 8 / Select 8 outer dimensions.

Fig.2: 1-Gang Surface Mount Box for Volume 8 and     Select 8. (V8 S8 SMB-20)

Volume/Select 8


Fig.3: Outer dimensions of Volume/Select 8


Fig.4: 2-Gang Surface Mount Box for Volume/Select 8 (VS8 SMB-10)

Remote Ethernet Devices

See also the article Mounting Remote Control Boxes


The RED-1 surface mounts to most walls and has a wide variety of mounting holes that accommodate standard US and International back boxes.


Fig.5: RED-1 back box mounting holes



The flush mount versions of RED-1 requires a rectangular cut out with the following dimensions:













Fig.6: Red-1F wall cut out dimensions


More details and tips on installing a Remote Ethernet Device can be found in the RED-1 / TEC-1 Manual, located in the document library on