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Front-panel fault indicator lights

This article describes the fault indicator light states for an Audia or Nexia processor.  If one or more of the front panel lights on your Audia or Nexia are red, try troubleshooting the issue at Troubleshooting: Audia or Nexia with red light on front panel.

Front panel indicators - I/O, Com, and Status

Front Panel Indicators:

The Front Panel Indicators (I/O, Com, & Status) are 2-color LEDs (green or red).

The following tables list their behaviors:

I/O LED: green

Com LED: green

Status LED: green

  • Normal operating state.
  • Configuration was successful (if applicable).
  • Device is in a stable state awaiting commands.

I/0 LED: red

Com LED: red

  • Serial port error
  • Ethernet error
  • CAN bus error
  • No IP address defined (cleared by setting an IP address

Status LED: red

  • Configuration error
  • Last configuration unsuccessful (cleared by 'reset/initializing' the device)
  • Operating system resource error
  • File system error
  • DSP error

All LEDs blinking

  • Operating system is not executing. Device must be power-cycled.

Status LED blinking

  • The firmware has attempted to perform an illegal operation. Device must be power-cycled.


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