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Biamp Systems

Nexia FAQ

Setup and Install Questions

What do I need to set up multiple Nexia units on a network?
What do I need to set up a single Nexia unit?
What are the distance limitations for Cat5 Ethernet cables?
What type of cable is needed for connecting a PC directly to a Nexia unit?
What type of cable is needed for connecting a PC and Nexia unit in a networked system?
How many Nexia units can I network together?

Network Questions

How do I set the IP address on my PC?
How do I set the IP address on a Nexia device?
Can any devices in my system have the same IP address?
Is it possible to control and monitor multiple separate Nexia systems from a single location?
Does Nexia need to be on a network with a subnet of 192.168.1?
I've lost/I don't know the IP address of my Nexia. How do I retrieve it?
How do I find out my Nexia's MAC address?
Does Biamp recommend specific Ethernet switches for use with Nexia?

Questions About Using Nexia

What sort of latency can I expect from Nexia?
Can I make changes to my Nexia layout in real time?
What is the largest matrix that can be created with a Nexia system?
How do I view which Nexia device my DSP blocks are assigned to?
Can I connect and control a Nexia system if I don't have the original Layout file?
How do the passwords function?
What's the best way to create a mix minus when using an auto mixer for a teleconference?
What are the auto mixer's direct outputs?
What's the mix minus combiner?
When using a mix minus combiner, is it possible to set the maximum number of open mics?
Can I change a channel's threshold on an auto mixer?
How do I automatically attenuate music when a page happens?
What is a custom block?
What is the maximum amount of audio delay a Nexia unit can have?
Does Nexia have a surround sound codec DSP block?
What is an Instance ID?
How do I tell the instance ID of a DSP block?
If a Nexia is powered down during transmission, will the audio be stopped when powered up?
When I upgrade Nexia software do I also need to upgrade my firmware?
How do I upgrade firmware on a Nexia?
What is in the CSN file and why can't this information be stored in the NEX file?

Control Questions

What sort of control options exist for Nexia?
Can Nexia be setup to output data from its serial port during predetermined events?
Can I use hexadecimal notation in a command string block?
Can I use command string blocks to control other equipment, like a camera or a projector?
When I send several rapid serial data strings, I sometimes get errors. What do I need to do?
Which baud rate does the Nexia serial port communicate at?

Troubleshooting Hints

I've set my IP address but I still can't connect to Nexia.
I've verified my IP address, but I still can't connect.
Why do my settings change every time I power up my Nexia system?
How do I start a command prompt?
What are Nexia's default serial communication settings?
What do I need to connect to a Nexia via serial?
How do I connect to Nexia using HyperTerminal?
How do I connect to Nexia using Telnet?

RCB (Remote Control Bus) Questions

How many RCB (remote control bus) devices can I connect to Nexia?
Do I need to provide a local power source for the remote?
What kind of cable to I need to wire the RCB devices?
How do I program the RCB devices?
How do I setup a Select 8 to recall presets?
What if I want to have two or more groups of mutually exclusive presets?
Can I use an S8 to duck or mute a channel?


What is NexLink?
How many channels can be transmitted between units?
How many Nexia units can I connect together using NexLink?
How long can the cable runs between units be?
What kind of cable and termination is needed?
Is a crossover cable needed?
Is NexLink like CobraNet?
Can I share digital audio over my control network? Or vice versa?
Can I pass a NexLink connection through a network switch?
How do I use NexLink in my layout?
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