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Sending long command strings

One of the many things you can do with the RS232 port on Audia or Nexia units is send command strings to third party devices. This is very useful when you have a limited number of external units that you want to control from your system either using a remote control or a DaVinci control surface. The only problem you may encounter is that the Command String block will only accept up to 32 characters. To solve this, you can stack multiple Command String blocks and trigger them in sequence using Logic Delays.

Long command strings

  • Long command string.GIFDivide the number of characters in your command string by 32. this will give you the number of Command String blocks you'll need (round this number to the next integer).
  • Add the necessary Command String blocks to your design.
  • Add the same number minus one Logic Delay blocks.
  • Connect these blocks as shown in the screenshot.
  • Break your command in sections of no more than 32 characters and program those in the correct order (top to bottom) in the Command String blocks
  • For each Logic Delay block, set the ON time so each command is triggered in sequence. Values between 10ms and 20ms should be sufficient.
  • Provide a momentary trigger that remains on until the last command string is sent. For ideas on how to make a momentary trigger, check this article.
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