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DiffServ to ToS conversion table

This article describes how to convert Quality of Service (QoS) parameters to the ToS (Type of Services) format that is used by Biamp's VoIP-2 card.  The table below shows DiffServ PHB and DiffServ DSCP codes, and converts them to the corresponding individual ToS parameters.

The DiffServ codes only code for certain Types of Services parameters: the Precedence, Min Delay, Max Throughput, and Max Reliability parameters for Layer 3 traffic only.  The VoIP-2 card also allows the setting of Layer 2 User Priority and Layer 3 Min Cost parameters, which are not shown in the table below.

Conversion table

DiffServ PHB DiffServ DSCP   L3 Precedence L3 Min Delay L3 Max Throughput L3 Max Reliability


0   0 Off Off Off
CS1 8   1 Off Off Off
AF11 10   1 Off ON Off
AF12 12   1 ON Off Off
AF13 14   1 ON ON Off
CS2 16   2 Off Off Off
AF21 18   2 Off ON Off
AF22 20   2 ON Off Off
AF23 22   2 ON ON Off
CS3 24   3 Off Off Off
AF31 26   3 Off ON Off
AF32 28   3 ON Off Off
AF33 30   3 ON ON Off
CS4 32   4 Off Off Off
AF41 34   4 Off ON Off
AF42 36   4 ON Off Off
AF43 38   4 ON ON Off
CS5 40   5 Off Off Off
EF 46   5 ON ON Off
CS6 48   6 Off Off Off
CS7 56   7 Off Off Off
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