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NEC projectors and LAN control

Due to the EuP-regulation, the LAN-port of some projectors could switch off automatically when there is no network communication within 180 seconds (3 minutes) or longer. This will result in loss of control over the projector through the LAN port and probably also through HDBaseT.

To avoid this, the Projector can be forced to stay in its so-called “SLEEP”-mode.

Depending on the projector model, the “SLEEP”-mode can be set in the normal On Screen Menu.

mceclip0 (14).png

On some models, this setting needs to be done in the EXPERT-Menu by disabling the “Standby Mode Setting”.

Here it is possible to access more energy-saving settings, especially on the LAN part.

To enter the EXPERT-Mode you need to do press following key combination on the remote control:





Hit “Menu” again and confirm that “EXPERT” is shown in the bottom right corner.

mceclip1 (7).png

Now select “Setup” and choose either “Expert” or “Expert2” and set the “Standby mode setting” to “Disable”.