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IR Sequence - Power off command

This sequence can be executed when control system is on and not in mute state.



The time between commands...

Defines the time between sending the first command and the second command. If the second command are not in use, this time is discharged.

The cool down time...

Defines the time from sending the last command in the sequence until the device is ready to power on again.
Please note that setting this time too low can prevent the "power on" sequence from working as intended.


The sequence has the following function:

When key is pressed:

  1. The LED on the button start flashing.
  2. First power off command is sent.
  3. Wait "Time between commands..." (if a second command is available).
  4. Second power off command is sent. (If available).
  5. Wait "The cool down time...".
  6. The LED's turns into power off state.

When key is released again:

  1. Nothing.
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