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Qt X Accessories

Mounting accessories are available for Qt X controllers as well as standard and active emitters.

Qt X Controller Accessories

Accessory Image Accessories guide info

Rack mount kit Qt X RMT-KT allows a Qt X 300, 600, or 800 to be mounted in a rack. See the Accessories Guide Info column for instructions on installing the Qt X 300, 600, and 800 as well as how to move the 300 and 600 from wall mounts to a rack.

Wall Mount Kit (Qt X WMT-KT) allows a Qt X 800 or 805 to be mounted to a wall using the included wall bracket. See the instruction for how to switch the Qt X 805 from a rack mount to a wall mount. WMT-KT

The Plenum Mount Kit (Qt X PLMT-KT) allows the Qt X 300, 600, or 805 to be mounted in a plenum space using the included mounting brackets. See
the Accessories Guide column for instructions on how to switch from other mounting options.

Note: While all QtX controllers may be mounted and are approved for air handling spaces, (UL2043) Power supplies for the QtX300/600/805 models are not rated for such environments.


The 48V Power Supply Kit (Qt X PWR-KT-48V)  includes a 48V power supply, power cord, bracket, and hardware for use with Qt X 800 and Qt X 805 models.


Note: Not approved for air handling spaces.

The plenum-rated PoE+ Class 4 Power Injector (POE29U-1AT(PL)D-R [91x.0004]) provides power to Qt X 800 and 800D controllers. POE29U-1AT(PL)D-R

Emitter Mounting options

Accessory Image Dimensions

Universal Bracket (AE-UB-W, AE-UB-B) mounts the Qt Active or Passive Emitter to a wall or ceiling.

The kit includes a 1/4-20 brass insert for installation using a threaded rod or nub. Rotates in 45-degree increments for optimal sound dispersion. The bracket ships with screws and screw anchors. Compatible with both Qt Active and Standard Emitters.

  • Total height (as shown at left): 5.5” (14 cm)
  • Cylinder height: 4” (10.16 cm)
  • Cylinder diameter: 3.5” (8.89 cm)
  • Bracket width: 3.75” (9.53 cm)
  • Bracket height: 3.625” (9.21 cm)
  • Bracket length: 2.5” (6.1 cm)
  • Weight: 3.9 oz. (110.56 g)

The Beam Bracket (AE-BB-W, AE-BB-B) mounts Qt Active or Passive Emitters to exposed I-beams or trusses.

For mounting emitters to exposed I-beams or trusses, the bracket ships with bolts for attaching a clamp to the cylinder and for attaching a clamp to beams. Compatible with both Qt Active and Standard Emitters.

  • Cylinder length: 4” (10.16 cm)
  • Cylinder diameter: 3.5” (8.89 cm)
  • Clamp opening: .95” (2.4 cm)
  • Clamp width: .94” (2.39 cm)
  • Clamp height: 1.5” (3.81 cm)
  • Clamp length: 1.75” (4.45 cm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz. (119 g)

The Pendant Mount (PM-W, PM-B) suspends Qt Active or Passive emitters at optimum height for best coverage in open or raised ceiling spaces.

Includes pendant mount top and cylinder, cable, and cable box cover assembly.

  • Height: 7” (17.8 cm)
  • Diameter: 3.3” (8.4 cm)
  • Hanging Weight: 12 oz. (340 g)
  • Mounts to: 4” octagonal electrical ceiling box
  • Cable: 4 wire UTP, 24 AWG

The Drywall Mount (DM) is a drywall ceiling mounting bracket for Qt Active or Passive emitters.

  • Cylinder length: 2.1” (5.4 cm)
  • Cylinder diameter: 3.5” (8.9 cm)
  • Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 g)
  • Max. drywall depth: 0.75” (1.9 cm)
  • Material: PVC/ABS Color: White

The Drywall Rough-in Bracket (DRB-1) is for installing Qt emitters in drywall ceilings. The installation must be carried before the drywall is hung. 

Slats make the bracket easier to fold and holes are pre-drilled for mounting. Tabs fold up to hold the emitter in place. Specify DRB-1 Kit to get the Drywall Rough-in Bracket with the Drywall Mount (DM).

  • Height: .375” (.953 cm)
  • Length: 28” (71.12 cm)
  • Width: 5” (12.7 cm)
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs. (640 g)
The Ceiling Conduit Mount (4-pack) (CCM-1) mounts QT Active and Passive Emitters in acoustic ceiling tile or drywall in regions with special fire and/or conduit requirements. Ceiling tile and drywall mounting rails are included. CCM-1
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.5” x 4.9” x 5.1” (14 cm x 12.5 cm x 13 cm)
  • Weight:
    • Enclosure: 2.4 lbs. (1.1 kg);
    • Tile rails: 1.26 lbs. (.57 kg);
    • Drywall rails: 1 lb. (.45 kg)
  • Knockouts: 9 double-tap
  • Knockout diameter: .875” (2.22 cm)
  • Mounting rail length: 24” (61 cm)
  • Material: Galvanized steel

Qt Active Emitter Accessories

Accessory Image Features /Data Sheet
The Power Supply (PS-AE-3) comes with 3 outputs and can provide power for 1-3 PI-AE power injectors. PS-AE-3
  • Supplies power to Qt Active Emitters by way of Active Emitter Power Injector
  • Powers up to 150 Qt Active Emitters total • Houses three output connectors powering 50 Emitters per output
  • Utilizes 14/2 conductor cabling to power Qt Active Emitter Power Injector
  • Rack or wall mountable

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 2.5 inches (64 mm)
  • Width: 5 inches (127 mm)
  • Depth: 12.5 inches (317 mm)
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kg)


The Power Injector (PI-AE) comes 2 channel outputs. Each channel can power up to 25 Qt Active Emitters in a single run.
  • Combines DC power from the Active Emitter Power Supply and signal from a QtPro Control Module
  • Two output ports each support up to 25 Qt Active Emitters
  • Can be mounted at the head end or placed in the plenum
  • Fits inside a standard 4x4 electrical enclosure

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
  • Width: 2.75 inches (70 mm)
  • Depth: 3.75 inches (95 mm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz. (130 g)


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