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Cambridge Qt X sound masking systems can be designed and configured as:

  • direct field systems
  • in-plenum systems
  • hybrid systems providing both direct field and in-plenum sound masking

The model types of QT X controllers incorporated into the system determine the type of system. This is because the different models of Qt X controllers support different types of sound masking outputs and network audio inputs. For example, a system comprised of Qt X 300 and 600 controllers only supports direct field sound masking emitters. However, controller types can be combined in hybrid system designs. For example, a system incorporating Qt X 800 or 805 controllers with Qt X 300 and 600 controllers provides both direct field and in-plenum sound masking.

Hardware-specific requirements and limitations of Qt X models are discussed in the relevant FAQs below.

Device management and system configuration

Layout and Design - Qt X 300/600

Layout and Design - Qt X 800/805

Installation - Qt X 300/600

Installation - Qt X 800/805

Audio Inputs

Audio Outputs


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