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Qt X Software - bulk update

Bulk updates allow setting or modifying the audio input and output settings of a device in groups to expedite the configuration process.

Note: This feature is only available in the Qt X software application.



Change phantom power selection and preamp gain by using the input tab. Select one, multiple, or all input channels from the list via the checkboxes. The options in each row of the input channel may also be used to make individual adjustments:


Select the edit button to bring up the Input Settings window. Selections made in the Input Settings window will be applied to all selected devices:




The bulk update output tab allows changes to the emitter/speaker type for multiple outputs. Select one, multiple, or all output channels from the list via the checkboxes. They must all be the same device type (Qt X 300/600 or Qt X800/805):


Clicking the edit button will bring up the emitter/speaker type window. Selections made in the emitter/speaker type window will be applied to all selected devices:


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