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Office space with 2-zone paging, background music, and sound masking

This system design template shows how Biamp products can be used in a two-zone office which requires background music, individual zone paging and sound masking to improve the office working environment and increase privacy. Such systems need low-level background music to be played throughout the office spaces which can be fed from multiple music sources.

Office system design

In this case, the office is divided into two separate areas.retail midsize with built in loudspeakers Each area has a number of QT active sound emitters, the exact number required will depend on the size of the space, up to 25 emitters can be connected on one cable run which uses category cable for interconnection. The active emitters have a maximum output of 74 dBA at 1 meter and a wide range frequency response which makes them suitable for low level background music.

A DIWAC wall panel in each zone allow for control of the music source and volume in the zone, this is connected to the PREZONE2 via a simple loudspeaker cable.

The electronics rack contains three main devices:

  • Music source - in this example a generic combined radio tuner and USB player plus an external smartphone can be selected by the end user
  • PREZONE2 pre-amplifier - allows the required music source to be selected and the level to be adjusted into each zone. The PREZONE2 outputs are configured as mono to feed the two mono office zones
  • QT300 control processor - accepts the line level signals from the PREZONE2 preamplifier and mixes it with the required sound masking audio. These signals are then fed to active emitter power injectors (which are powered from a separate power supply), connections to the emitters are made in a daisy chain form using category cable.

The building alarm system has a logic output which will become active in cases of emergency. This logic signal is connected to the PREZONE2 preamplifier and the QT300 sound masking processor so that when it is active the background music, paging and sound masking audio are all muted in an emergency situation.

User interface

There are multiple user interface possibilities in this system. The front panel of the PREZONE2 can be used to select the source and music level for each zone. A DIWAC wall panel in each zone can also be used locally to select the same. A simple two-zone paging mic allows for voice messages to be made into either or both zones.

On the PREZONE2, the main controls for the music level to zones 1 and 2 are large controls and illuminated with a blue led ring.

The second primary controls are the two sets of 4 source selection switches, one for each zone, the currently selected source will have its led on, there is also a space for labels (which are supplied with the PREZONE2), to be applied indicating the source type. The currently selected source switch can also be pressed to turn off all sources for that zone for cases when no background music is required.

Secondary controls are the two microphone inputs with recessed level control and illuminated on/off switch.

A clear indication that an emergency or paging conditions are active is available on the front panel.PREZONE1_front_without_feet.jpg

Equipment list

  • QT300 Sound Masking Control Processor
  • QT E-P-W-4 Active Emitters (4 pack) - the exact number required will depend on the space size
  • 1 x QT PS-3AE active Emitter power supply
  • 2 x QT PI-AE Active Emitter power injectors
  • 1 x PREZONE2 - stereo pre-amplifier with 2 stereo source, volume and paging zones
  • Music sources - as required

Audio setup

  • Adjust the required sound masking volume though the front panel on the QT Controller or via the MCS software
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