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Using Devio with a Microsoft Surface Hub

This article describes how to integrate a Devio CR-1 with the Microsoft Surface Hub1. Note that the Devio SCR-20 and SCR-25 models do not require this special version of firmware, and can integrate with the Microsoft Surface Hub using their standard release firmware.

Ensuring interoperability between Devio and the Microsoft Surface Hub requires the use of a special version of Devio firmware, v1.3.5.6, as well as some additional configuration settings.

Note on Surface Hub 3: Surface Hub 3 runs Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, which means it's compatible with all Teams certified audio and video accessories. This includes Surface Hub 2S devices migrated to run Teams Rooms on Windows and Surface Hub 2S devices upgraded with the Surface Hub 3 Pack compute cartridge.


In testing compatibility between Devio and the Microsoft Surface Hub, an issue was discovered whereby mute status can become desynchronized between the DTM-1's mute button and the mute option within the Microsoft Surface Hub's Skype for Business client. This can cause the mute option within the Microsoft Surface Hub's Skype for Business client to become inoperable. Two items have been made available in Devio to help resolve this issue:

  • A special Devio firmware version (v1.3.5.6) has been released that helps maintain mute status synchronization between the Microsoft Surface Hub's mute function and the DTM-1's mute indicator, while also eliminating issues preventing the Skype for Business client's mute button from functioning properly.
  • The ability to disable the mute buttons on the DTM-1 has been added to the Devio SAU, which will help prevent mute desynchronization between the Devio and Microsoft Surface Hub's systems.

Integrating Devio with a Microsoft Surface Hub

To ensure optimal functionality between a Devio system and Microsoft Surface Hub, follow all of the steps below.

  1. Update the Devio CR-1 to firmware version, which is specifically for use with the Microsoft Surface Hub
  2. Disable DTM-1 mute button functionality from the SAU
    • Connect to the Devio CR-1 via the Devio SAU
    • In the device list, locate the Devio CR-1 that will be connected to the Microsoft Surface Hub. Double-click on the device to open its settings window
    • Select the Microphone tab
    • Check the box labeled "Disable DTM-1 Mute Button"
      Disable DTM-1 mute button.PNG
    • The setting will automatically be saved; the CR-1 settings window can now be closed
  3. Advise end users that all muting and unmuting should be conducted from within the Skype for Business client on the Microsoft Surface hub
    • Mute indicator LEDs on the DTM-1 should remain synchronized and track with the mute status of the Skype for Business client

Restoring standard Devio functionality

The special Devio firmware version is intended only for providing interoperability with a Microsoft Surface Hub, and makes some key changes to internal processes on the Devio CR-1. If a Devio unit has previously been configured for integration with a Microsoft Surface Hub, but it is decided that the unit will now be integrated with a standard loudspeaker and display monitor, it is necessary to complete a few additional steps to ensure proper functionality.

  1. First apply an intermediary restore firmware to undo some of the changes made to the Devio CR-1
  2. Then apply the standard, current public release of Devio firmware

1At this time, Devio has not been officially certified by Microsoft for use with the Microsoft Surface Hub. Because of this, support options for integrating these two technologies will be limited to what Biamp Systems can offer, as Microsoft will not support interoperability issues. If considering integrating Devio with a Microsoft Surface Hub, please be aware that, although in-house testing at Biamp Systems shows success so long as the steps in this article have been completed, future updates to the Microsoft Surface Hub could impact functionality.

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