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Performing a factory reset on the Devio SCX

The factory reset feature quickly clears all user data from Devio SCX devices, restoring them to their factory default settings. The article covers the effects of a factory reset and how to reset SCX devices.


Reset Effects

User data and logs

The factory reset permanently clears all user data from your Devio SCX, as well as the Launch configuration file. The device will be Launch-ready once the reset is completed.

A factory reset also erases the device's Event Logs. The log of a factory-reset device contains its first boot-up sequence.

Network settings revert

The factory reset procedure will affect the networking settings of your Devio SCX.

The Host Name will change back into the default format: for example DevioSCX01234567. The device description will be emptied.

The factory default setting for Devio SCX devices is to obtain an IP address automatically. In this mode, the device will first try to contact a DHCP server in order to request an IP address from it. If no DHCP server is present on the network, the device automatically assigns itself a link-local IP address.


When using a DHCP server, the assigned IP address depends on the DHCP server's configuration.


A link-local IP address is self-assigned when a DHCP server is not present on the network. Expressed in CIDR notation, a link-local IP address is an IP address in the block:



Reset Procedure

The Devio SCX has a recessed reset button on the rear of the unit.

  1. First, locate the power supply on the back of the unit to the right.
  2. Next, locate the small hole to the left of the power supply. The reset button is recessed just inside. 
  3. Find a suitable tool to insert into the hole and gently push the button - you should feel a small click as the button depresses slightly.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and then release. The reset process will begin after a few moments.





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