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Supported Devio I/O configurations

Devio can pass video from its HDMI input or its USB input. In order to send video over USB, you must first enable USB video.  Depending on whether or not USB video is enabled, certain options may not be available. This article describes how Devio behaves when USB video is enabled or disabled.

USB Video Disabled

By default, Devio ships with USB video disabled. When USB video is disabled, you can only send video to Devio over HDMI.  The HDMI video will directly pass through Devio to HDMI Output 1.  In this mode, no signals will be sent to HDMI Output 2.

Any embedded audio on the HDMI signal will pass through the Devio, however using HDMI audio is not recommended with Devio. This is because HDMI audio signals are passed directly through Devio and do not take advantage of any of Devio's DSP processing features. Using HDMI audio may result in degraded performance in some cases. Using USB for audio signals is recommended.

USB Video Enabled

To send video over USB, you must first enable USB video using the instructions in this article. When sending video over a USB 3.0 connection, the video can be output from both HDMI Outputs 1 and 2.  The two outputs can be configured to output the same signal ("duplicate" or "mirror" mode) or they can send out different signals ("extend" mode).

When using video over USB, audio signals will also pass over the same USB connection.

*If an HDMI cable is connected to the CR-1 while USB video is enabled, please be aware of the following:

  • HDMI video will take precedence over USB video.
  • Video will only be passing on the HDMI In; it is not possible to pass video on USB and HDMI simultaneously.
  • Video will be a direct pass-through from HDMI In to HDMI Output 1.
  • HDMI video cannot be extended to HDMI Output 2.
  • "USB Video" will remain enabled in the System Administration Utility and web page interface and will not need to be reconfigured.
  • Once the HDMI input is disconnected, video will again pass on the USB Input.


The table below summarizes the supported configurations of inputs and outputs on the CR-1 depending on whether USB is enabled. It is recommended only to use the configurations below.

USB video enabled? Audio input Audio output(s) Video input(s) Video output(s)


Powered Speaker Out

Headset Out



HDMI Output 1



Powered Speaker Out

Headset Out




HDMI Output 1

HDMI Output 2*

Internal Diagram

To help illustrate this further, the following diagram represents the internal signal flows and connections within the Devio CR-1.

Note that the HDMI Input will only pass video to HDMI Output 1, and does not pass audio through the system's audio signal processing chain at all.

Front of CR-1:

CR-1 IO front.png

Back of CR-1:  

CR-1 IO back.png

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