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Step 3: Add Buildings and Floors to your Organization

We now have our Evoko Workplace Organization created.  It's time to add some structure to our Organization.  This will start with adding Buildings and Floors.  Follow the guide below to add buildings and floors to your Organization.


Add Buildings & Floors 

  1. You should be logged into your newly created Organization.  If you are not, navigate here and log in.
  2. When logged in, navigate to Guides & Support in the left hand column. 
    • EW-16.png
  3. Find Add Buildings & Floors and press the Add Buildings & Floors button.  
    • EW-17.png
  4. Press Add Building 
    • EW-18.png
  5. Enter the Name, Address, Time Zone and Language for this building.  When satisfied with information press Add Building
    • EW-20.png 
  6. You should have got a Successful Message for your building.  You must now add a floor to your building.  Press Add Floor 
    • EW-21.png
  7. Enter the Name of the Floor and add a Level Number.  Press Add Floor.  
    • ​​​​​​​EW-22.png
  8. ​​​​​​​Your floor will now be added.  Add additional floors at this time if you would like by repeating Step 7.
    • EW-23.png
  9. Well done!  You have now added a building and floor to your organization.  If you want to learn how to add floor plans to your floors you can navigate to this article article that shows you how to do so (You can do this later once your Desks/Rooms are added).


Proceed to Step 4: Adding Desks/Rooms to Organization

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