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Step 4: Add Desks or Rooms

Now that you have added some structure with buildings and floors to your organization it's time to start adding some desks and rooms.  This guide will walk you through the process of adding both desks and rooms to your organization



Adding Desks

  1. Navigate back to the Guides & Support section within your Evoko Workplace.
    • EW-32.png
  2. Find the Add Desks option.
    • Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 11.58.07 AM.png
  3. Select the Add Desk button in the top right hand corner.
    • EW-33.png
  4. Add a Name for the desk, and a Location from one of your Buildings/Floors.  Press Add Desk.  
    • Note! The name you add here will be name shown on the Kleeo Desk Manager and the name shown on the Desk in the Evoko Workplace Mobile Application. 
    • EW-34.png
  5. You should now see your newly added Desk in the list of Desks as shown below.
    • EW-35.png
  6. Repeat the steps above if you would like to add more desks.  If you add more desks, you will notice that list of Desks grows.
    • EW-36.png
  7. Nice work!  You have successfully added desks to your organization!



Adding Rooms

  1. Navigate to the Rooms tab on the left hand side column in the Evoko Workplace.
    • EW-37.png
  2. Select Add Room 
    • EW-38.png
  3. You will be prompted to add some characteristics to your room.  Enter the Name, Capacity, and Location for your room to proceed.  If you would like to add an image of the Room and equipment to the Room you can do so as well.  At a later time if you want your Organization to connect Microsoft 365 you will have the option to link this Room to a Physical Room Mailbox within Office 365.  For now, the calendar email can be left empty.  Press Add Room when done.
    • EW-39.png
  4. You will now see your Room added to your Room List.  
    • EW-40.png
  5. Repeat the steps above if you would like to add more rooms.  If you add more rooms, you will notice that list of rooms grows.
    • EW-41.png


Nice work! You were able to add your rooms to your Organization! You can now move to Step 5: Install and Connect Kleeo and Naso Devices

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