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How to do a local firmware upgrade from Evoko Home?

How to do a local firmware update! 

To do a local firmware upgrade of your devices your very first step needs to be to enable local for "firmware search location" in Evoko Home.  You can find this under the Global Settings in Evoko Home.  Make sure to press save after making the adjustment.


Next, you will need to download the firmware upgrade file from here and transfer it over to the machine or virtual machine that Evoko Home is installed on.  In this screenshot below v2.6 is the most current version - so we will use that update file in this guide.


You will need to move the upgrade file to the following file path:

C:\Program Files\EVOKO\EvokoHome\liso_files

The screenshot below is how the file should look:


You are now done with moving the file and should continue to do the upgrade process for your panels by navigating back to the Evoko Home interface and selecting the monitoring tab.  Once on the monitoring tab, identify the Firmware check button.


If you press the firmware check button you should be shown a message indicating that the file you moved has been found on the local system.  Here in this example you can see that 2021_12_10v2.6.1.15 has ben found.   Click confirm to download the file.


You will be shown this dialogue message indicating the file is being loaded:


When complete, you can then deploy this out to all of the panels that are connected.


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