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How to connect the Evoko Liso to the Evoko Home Server?

You're almost there! All that remains is to setup the Liso units which this article will cover.

Important! Starting with Evoko Home v2.6, you need to enable the Device Registration timer in the Evoko Home Global Settings before connecting any Lisos.
For instructions on how to do that, see this article.

Check the following article for mounting instructions and possible power/network options.

Network configuration

The Evoko Liso can be connected via either a wired Ethernet connection or Wifi using a dynamic or static IP.  By default, a Liso unit will automatically obtain an IP address using DHCP once connected via a wired Ethernet connection.

Setup in Default mode

To connect an Evoko Liso unit to Evoko Home (which connects to your booking system) you need to enter the IP address and port for your Evoko Home server on the Liso unit and then select the appropriate room in your configuration.

  1. Allow the Liso unit to power on.  Once the unit boots to the configuration screen press, "Continue."
  2. Select "Default mode".
  3. Enter the IP address and HTTPS application port (default 3002) for your Evoko Home server.  You also have the option to input the Fully Qualified Domain for the Evoko Home Server by using the Alphanumeric Keyboard.
    Note! If every octet of the IP Address does not contain 3 digits, please use the "." button to move the cursor over to the next octet. The default port used is 3002 - if Evoko Home was configured to  use another port number you need to also enter that port number here.
  4. Wait for the Liso to connect and load.
  5. You can filter the listed rooms, this is especially helpful for larger installations.
  6. Once the Liso is connected to your Evoko Home server it should display a list of all activated rooms in your configuration. Highlight the appropriate room and press "Select".
  7. Now the Liso unit should be setup and ready to use!
  8. The Liso unit should now appear under the "Monitoring" tab in Evoko Home.
    Success! You're now all setup, continue by connecting the rest of your Liso units and start booking.
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