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Statistics in Evoko Home

In Evoko Home there is a feature called statistics.  This feature will provide you with meeting room statistics and help you gain better insight on how your meeting rooms are being utilized.

Evoko Home calculates different metrics by analyzing the meeting data stored in the database on a daily basis.  It takes up to 48 hours before the data can be processed or exported.  The reason to this is for the system to fully evaluate and index the data.

Some of the meeting room information that is presented is: average number of meetings, meeting rooms utilization rate, number of meetings not checked-in and total meeting time (hours).  To learn more about all of the values you can reference the table below.

How to view statistics in Evoko Home

In Evoko Home, go to the Rooms -> Statistics section Adjust the date interval to set the period.  If you want to see statistics for a certain room it is possible to filter by Country, City, Building, and Floor. Evoko Home Statistics Screenshot.png

How to export statistics in Evoko Home

The option to export statistics to a .csv file is also made available via 3 options by pressing Export.

Export Statistics.png

  1. CSV: Generates a file with all statistics.
  2. Raw Data to CSV: Generates a file containing the raw meeting data during the selected time interval.
  3. Scheduled Export: Sends statistics to a given email account. 
    • If Activate Update is enabled the updates will be sent on a daily basis to the email declared. Scheduled Export Email.png
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