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What are External Users in Evoko Home?

Regardless of how large your business is, adding Guests/External Users to Evoko Home will increase flexibility and inclusion in your workplace.  By adding external users to Evoko Home you expand the possibility for people not within your organization to book meeting rooms.  External Users are supported for all Booking Systems that Evoko Home Supports (M365, Google Workspace, Exchange 2016 or Newer).

External User Access

For every meeting room your organization has in Evoko Home you have the option to make it available for External Users to book from the Evoko Liso Display if authentication is turned on.  However, it can also work the other away around, your organization can decide which meeting rooms External Users are not allowed to book by disabled External User Booking for those specific rooms.

An external user who has access to a meeting room also has the permissions to do everything that is defined in the local settings for that specific room.

For example, if External User is enabled and the room settings allow...

  • ... bookings of instant and future meetings, any External User will have the same permission.
  • ... ending ongoing or delete future meetings, any External User will have the same permission.
  • ... extend ongoing or modify future meetings, any Guest will have the same permission.
  • ... report broken equipment, any Guest will have the same permission.

Add External Users for Every Workplace

An external user in Evoko Home is our way of describing a person outside the organization but who still has the permission to book meetings directly from the Evoko Liso display.  An external user can be any kind of people or team members that you want to give permission or restrictions to book certain meeting rooms.  (Consultants, freelances, temps, hired contractors, etc)

Co-working Spaces

Is your organization sharing the workspace with our people and companies?  Are you a facility manager for a co-working space where people and businesses share meeting rooms?  Using external users will greatly increase flexibility and accessibility to your meeting rooms for everyone.  

Small to Medium Size Businesses

Does your organization exist of a core set of employees but then you also have external consultants, freelancers and other types of members in your team?  Adding them as external users in Evoko Home gives them access to meeting rooms while not having to add them to your organizations booking system backend (M365, Google Workspace, etc), saving you time and money.

Large Businesses and Enterprise

Just like small to medium size businesses, adding External Users in Evoko Home will have the same benefits for larger businesses and enterprises.  Adding consultants, freelancers and others as External Users and they will have access to whichever meeting room you give them access to from the room settings in Evoko Home.  If your business operation spans to other countries, cities and officers across the globe, you can give External Users access to meeting rooms there as well.  So for external users working from different officers and even internationally will not limit their access your organization chooses to do so.


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