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How do I create bookings in the Admin Interface?

If you are an administrator of your Organization in Evoko Workplace you will have the ability to book any space on behalf of anyone within your organization,  We call this Bookings.  This article describes the process of using the Admin UI to go ahead and process these bookings.

Book a Desk/Room through the Admin UI

  1. Navigate to the Bookings section in the left hand column of the Evoko Workplace Admin Center shown below.
    • EW-84.png
  2. Navigate to the Create Booking button in the top right hand corner.
    • EW-85.png
  3. Select the Resource and search for the Desk/Room you would like to book as the admin.  You can also select the date and time of when you want this space to be booked.  If you had other users added to your Workplace you designate them as the booking owner.   Press Save when done.
    • EW-86.png
  4. You can see all your bookings for both Desks and Rooms in the list.
    • EW-87.png
  5. Repeat for any other bookings you want to make through the Admin portal for Desks and Rooms.
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