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How do I perform a factory reset on an Evoko Naso?

A firmware reset is different from a firmware update in that it resets all settings and leaves the Naso in a brand new out of box state.  After firmware resetting a Naso you will have to claim it again using the Evoko Naso Device Setup App.

  1. Gently place the Evoko Naso display side down on a firm table or desk.  We recommend putting a cloth under the display to avoid any scratching on the display.  
  2. Locate the cable routing clip on the right side of the device.  IMG_0586.JPG
  3. Remove the cable routing clip on the right hand side of the Naso to access the reset button. IMG_0588.JPG
  4. You will see a small arrow indicator on the bottom of the routing clip area.  IMG_0590.JPG
  5. Insert a paper clip in the hole by the arrow and you should feel a button providing feedback.
  6. You will want to hold this button down and plug the device into power at the same time.  Keep the button pressed for approximately 5 seconds until the halo light goes dark.  Once it goes dark a "Reset" message will be shown on the display screen.
  7. The unit will reboot and begin the onboard reset process.
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