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How do I use the Demo Mode on the Evoko Naso?

In order to test the basic features of the Evoko Naso we have developed a demo mode.  This can be enabled without the need for a network or connection to M365.  You can use the demo mode to book and edit meetings, search for rooms in the room finder, and also report broken room equipment.

Demo Users PIN
Evoko Admin   7777 
Evoko User 1   1234

Power on the Naso unit (using either Poe or the Power Supply), the screen should look similar to the picture below:


You will notice [2] options.  CONNECT and DEMO.  Please select the DEMO option.

Once the DEMO option has been selected the unit will boot into DEMO mode.  This will allow users to interact with the display.  To exit demo mode, simply power cycle the device.

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