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Desono EX DSP processing with Universal Crossover presets

What is a Universal Crossover

A Universal Crossover (UXO) is a highly engineered set of DSP presets that optimizes the operation of full-range + subwoofer systems in the Desono EX series. The tunings provide optimized band passes and level matching for each combination of full-range systems in the Tesira or ALC DSP platforms.  

The presets are optimized to operate in a 1:1 sub-to-full-range scenario where the loudspeakers are approximately equidistant to the listeners. However, the UXO implementation also provides a good baseline for scenarios with differing sub-to-full-range ratios.

Different acoustical environments and boundary loading conditions will affect the perceived low frequency from any system but we are confident these presets will save commissioning time by removing the guesswork of integrating Desono EX systems.

Tesira UXO preset system example

When implementing the presets, it is important to use matching full-range and subwoofer crossover frequency presets. See the below example in Tesira for an 80Hz UXO implementation.

UXO Tesira.JPG

ALC UXO preset system example

The below example shows a 125Hz UXO implementation. The UXO frequency presets must be selected from the Armonia+ speaker library.

1. Select matching crossover point UXO settings from the Armonia+ library



Link your speakers to the desired ALC outputs:


Apply the appropriate matrix routing within the amplifier or in your external device feeding the amplifier inputs.


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