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What does VoIP error "404 Not Found" mean?


The "404 Not Found" message is a generic error with several potential triggers.  Additional information for 404 errors may be found under the Session Initiation Protocol > Message Header section. In addition to the "404 Not Found" message, the registration process will typically report a "401 Unauthorized" letting us know something has prevented the authentication from occurring successfully.


Status:  404 Not Found


Common causes

The most common reason is the Username, Password, or Extention number the Biamp device is using has been entered incorrectly. If this is the case the reported registration sequence may look similar to this:

Request: REGISTER sip:
Status:  100 Trying
Status:  401 Unauthorized
Request: REGISTER sip:
Status:  100 Trying
Status:  404 Not Found


This can be confirmed by selecting the "404 Not Found" message, then expanding the Session Initiation Protocol part of the packet.

Here the Proxy returns the message “Unable to find device/user in database”. If the Username, Password, and Extension number have been verified to be correct, this message may have to do with the authentication permissions associated with the account.

If registration successfully completes but a ‘404 Not Found’ message or similar is reported when attempting to place a call, the Proxy may not have a record or a route to the extension the Biamp VoIP device is attempting to contact.


Unclear definition

If the definition of the ‘404 Not Found’ message is unclear, like the ‘Unallocated (unassigned) number’ or the ‘Policy Response’ messages shown in the examples below, you may need to contact the Proxy technical person or manufacturer support in order to identify the meaning of the error.




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