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What does VoIP error "403 Forbidden" mean?


A "403 Forbidden" response indicates the proxy knows what the Biamp VoIP device is trying to do but it is not allowing this process to happen. 


Status:  403 Forbidden


Possible causes

It may mean the extension that the Biamp VoIP device is configured to use has not yet been created on the Proxy or differs from what was entered in the Biamp VoIP device. If the account is verified to have been created it may indicate the extension or some of the extension settings have not been configured properly.

The most common reasons for this error:

  • The username and/or password are wrong.
  • The server is requiring an authentication username and password and none have been provided.
  • The user is not allowed to call the destination.
  • The phone is trying to register too fast and the server has blocked the phone for that reason.
  • You are trying to register multiple devices at once and the server is blocking the phone for that reason.
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