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VBC 2500 unresponsive / "bricked"


Is it dead, Jim?

Sometimes following a firmware update, or when using a USB switcher with host devices running unsupported Operating Systems, Parle ABC/VBC 2500 and Vidi cameras can enter a strange state waiting for a conversation that will never happen.



  • Verify the latest version of Camera Controller Software is downloaded and installed -
  • Connect directly to the Parle VBC 2500 with your Windows or Mac PC via USB. (you should hear the connection noise)
  • Use a different Windows or Mac PC to ensure it is not a PC or USB port problem
  • Power cycle the Parle VBC 2500
  • Perform a bar Factory Reset while still directly connected via USB by holding the Parle Launch button for approximately 15 seconds
  • In some cases, you will need an advanced procedure when the Conferencing Bar is Unresponsive to Factory Reset

In some cases, using USB Device Viewer to sort those specific USB Drivers, unplugging USB, and Uninstalling those Drivers can help in the troubleshooting process.