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SageVue FAQ

Supported Platforms

What version of Tesira Firmware is required for SageVue support?
What version of Devio Firmware is required for SageVue support?
What version of QtPro Firmware is required for SageVue support?
What version of Dynasound Firmware is required for SageVue support?
Does SageVue support need to be configured on any of the Tesira devices?
What are the minimum requirements for the system hosting SageVue?
Do I need to install SageVue on every user workstation?
Is Windows Server supported?
What web application servers are supported?
Which web browsers are supported?
Are mobile device web browsers supported?
Will SageVue integrate with Shibboleth or other federated identity providers?

Installation Process

Is Internet access required to setup SageVue?
What are the installation dependencies?
What happens if IIS is not installed on the system hosting SageVue?
Do I need to install SSL certificates on IIS after the installation is complete?
What is the process for activating the license?
Will it be possible to deploy SageVue in an unattended or scripted manner?

Networking and Performance

Why does SageVue use a RESTful API instead of SNMP?
Is RESTful communication with SageVue encrypted?
Can SageVue monitor other SageVue instances across multiple sites?
How much network traffic does SageVue generate?
How often does device discovery run?
How does SageVue communicate with Tesira devices?
What is the typical CPU consumption?

Device Monitoring and Maintenance

What devices can be managed with SageVue?
Will SageVue allow remote rebooting of specific devices?
Are Tesira expanders available to directly manage?
Can firmware update packages be imported to SageVue systems without Internet access?
Can SageVue schedule firmware updates or device reboots?
Will a firmware update lock out the entire system?
Does SageVue store a database of device data?
How large are the SageVue operation logs?
Is there a way to automatically download the SageVue log?
Will the API for retrieving log records allow filtering criteria such as date range?
Are VoIP settings applied via SageVue updated on running Tesira configuration files?
What MAC addresses are viewable in SageVue?
What are the limits for labels created or applied to a system?
What celluar providers are supported for SMS?
What is required for e-mail notifications?
Does SageVue report VoIP call logs?
How does Tesira device locate work with SageVue?
Can Tesira software and SageVue operate simultaneously on the same network?

Users and Permissions

What is the maximum number of users?
Is a connection to directory services available?
What assignable user roles are available?
Which permissions roles are allowed to add users?
Can the user permissions roles be renamed?
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