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Biamp Systems

Sample recordings

Biamp has created some sample recordings with the TCM-1 Beamtracking™ microphone in various acoustical spaces. These recordings are intended to demonstrate what the TCM-1 might sound like from different distances, in spaces that have differing reverberation and noise levels. Each recording has been normalized to provide a stable listening volume, therefore a recording at 1 meter will be a similar volume to a recording at 5 meters.

Note that speech quality and speech intelligibility are heavily affected by the noise level and reverb time of the space. As noise levels and reverb times increase, the maximum distance that a talker can be located from the mic (and still be understood) will decrease. For most cases, Biamp doesn't recommend locating a microphone further than 5 meters (16 feet) from a talker, even in spaces with superior acoustics. In spaces with more typical acoustics, limiting distances to 3 meters (10 feet) is a good rule of thumb.

Each recording is available either unfiltered (i.e., what it sounds like directly out of the microphone) or phone-filtered (i.e., what it sounds like after going through the typical filtering that a phone system would apply to it).

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