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How can I mute the embedded audio?
Can TesiraLUX decode Dolby Audio?
Can TesiraLUX proxy audio expanders?
Can you build a Tesira video system without an audio server-class device?
Can you independently matrix the audio and video?


Why do you use M-JPEG for compression?
What are the effects of M-JPEG compression on scaled up images? Ex.: 720p scaled up to 1080p?
Is one codec better than another?


Are there any fees associated with HDCP 2.2 Pro?
Can I petition to have new sites added to the Authorized Locations list?
Is an HDCP 2.2 device "key" the same thing as a device counting towards the 32 device limit?
How does optical cable like POF function with the various HDCP versions?
If a UHD TV supports HDCP 2.2, will it work with HDCP 1.x source devices?
How does HDCP Pro handle non-content protected material?
HDMI splitters are recommended on the Internet for solving HDCP problems. Does that really work?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) 

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
Are HDR still images and HDR video captured the same way?
What "format" of HDR does TesiraLUX support?
What's HDR 1000?
Is Dolby Vision the same as HDR-10?
Which HDR scheme is being approved in ATSC 3.0 standard?
Can video be converted between HDR-10 and Dolby Vision?


What is the video latency of TesiraLUX?
What does less than 2 frames of latency mean?
Is there an exact value for latency? How low can it get?
What else impacts the "perceived" latency of the system?
How is latency affected by rate of compression?
Is latency different when using 1G vs. 10G?
Will the compiler tell me the exact latency like it is the case for audio?


Does TesiraLUX support MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)?
Why isn’t TesiraLUX PoE?
How many TesiraLUX devices can be included in a single system?
Will AMX and Crestron modules be available for TesiraLUX?
Is TesiraLUX Avnu certified?
I've heard that a vendor offers a 4:4:4 test pattern that will show artifacts if you transmit in 4:2:2 or 4:2:0?
Are there any specific requirements regarding which SFP+ modules can be used?
What's the difference between HDMI 2.0a and 2.0b?
Can you mount the listener (OH-1) behind a display?
What impact does rear-mounting the OH-1 behind a display have on ADA compliance?
Is it important to use certified premium HDMI cables with Ultra HD Blu-ray?

Network Transmission

What format does TesiraLUX use for transmitting video across an AVB network?
Does TesiraLUX use IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) for multicast?
Do you need to run a separate network cable for the control network?
Will TesiraLUX pass CEC control signals to my display?
How does SMPTE 2022 relate to AVB?


Can the RS-232 pin-out be changed via the software?
How can you de-embed the audio from a video stream?
Will there be support for TesiraLUX in Biamp Canvas?


Can TesiraLUX accept a streaming format (ex: h.264) and then output a different streaming format?
Does converting from DisplayPort to HDMI or vice versa impact color rendering?
What is the 'wagon wheel effect'?
What is wobulation?


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