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Biamp Systems

Tesira FAQ


Can a Tesira system receive the media clock from an external network like Dante?
Can I directly connect an expander to a Tesira Server/FORTÉ without an AVB network switch?
Will I always be required to connect the Tesira AVB network to the Control network?

Equipment and Features

How many VoIP or POTS line does a HD-1 support?
How many HD-1s does a TesiraFORTÉ support?
How many HD-1s does a Tesira Server I/O support?
Does the HD-1 also work with Audia/Nexia?
What is the maximum number of HD-1s a Tesira system can have?


How do I download the software?
How do I install the software?
What platforms does the software run on?
How much does the software cost?
How often do you plan on updating the software?

Troubleshooting Hints

What if I have any trouble using the software or Tesira hardware?
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