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Biamp Systems

Tesira FAQ

Network & Connecting

Can a Tesira system receive the media clock from an external network like Dante?
Why can’t I change my Dante IP address?
Why does My CobraNet card not have an IP address?
Can I directly connect an expander to a Tesira Server/FORTÉ without an AVB network switch?
Why do some Tesira expanders have IP addresses but others do not?
What’s the difference between PoE and PoE+?
Does your device supply PoE?
Why does my Tesira still show the DHCP address when it has been removed from the network?
Do I need to use a crossover cable when connecting directly?
Why can’t I discover my device through the USB port?
Why can’t I discover my device through the AVB port?
Why can’t I discover my device through the Dante port?
Can I send command strings out of the Dante/AVB/CobraNet/VoIP ports?
Why can’t my Tesira devices communicate with one another over my client’s network?
Does Tesira Support 802.1x


What do the lights on the front panel tell me?
What information is available on the front panel LCD display?
Can I make any changes to my system via the front panel?
My devices have green, black, yellow, blue & orange connectors on the back. What's the difference?
How do I disable the front panel?
How do I clear error messages on the front panel?
What does AIS mean?
Which of your devices are powered by POE?

Software & Firmware

How do I download the software?
How do I install the software?
What platforms does the software run on?
How much does the software cost?
How often does the software get updated?
Why does the Firmware update take so long?
Can I downgrade firmware?
Do Tesira devices have logs?
Is VoIP logged?
Where can I find the MAC address of my Tesira device in the software?

Troubleshooting Hints

What if I have any trouble using the software or Tesira hardware?
What do I do/what can I adjust, if I hear echo during a conference call?
Why can't I see any of my Tesira devices?
What should I check for if my conferencing system with TCM sounds weird/bad?
USB stopped working. What do I do?
I don't see my expander device in the device list. What should I do?
Why isn't my Tesira hardware available for assignment in the equipment table?
My Tesira device is not responding to telnet or SSH connections
Is there an easy way to locate a physical device via the software, or vice versa?
The changes I made while connected to the system have reverted, why?


With what VoIP vendors is Tesira compatible?
How to I access the VoIP webpage on my Tesira device?
Where do I find the VoIP IP address?
Does Biamp support support Skype for Office 365
How do I configure 802.1x for the VoIP card?
How many VoIP or POTS line does a HD-1 support?
How many HD-1s does a TesiraFORTÉ support?
How many HD-1s does a Tesira Server I/O support?
Does the HD-1 also work with Audia/Nexia?
What is the maximum number of HD-1s a Tesira system can have?


I can't find an instruction manual for my Biamp Device, is there one?
How do I buy a Biamp device?
How do I make a file for my space?
How many Mics do I need?
Do you have a calculator to help me spec the Poe+ amp?
Does Biamp sell switches?
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