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Tesira firmware update instructions

There are several firmware upgrade files available for Tesira firmware upgrades.  This article describes how to determine which file you need, and links to specific firmware upgrade instructions for each case.

Which firmware file should I use?

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

The one-time upgrade file can only be used to upgrade a Tesira device from firmware version 1.x to version 2.1.0.  If you're trying to upgrade a device from 1.x to a version that is newer than 2.1.0, you'll need to apply the one-time upgrade first, and then apply the normal firmware update.  For detailed instructions on applying the one-time upgrade, see Upgrading Tesira firmware to version 2.x.

Upgrading to 3.8 or later

The upgrade to Tesira firmware version 3.8 requires a slightly different process than usual. There are two firmware updates that must be installed in sequence. For instructions on this unique process for 3.8, see Upgrading Tesira firmware to version 3.8 or later.

Normal firmware update

If your Tesira device already has a firmware version between 2.0 and 3.7 loaded on it, then the normal firmware update file should be used to upgrade to all versions between 2.0 and 3.7.  See Normal Tesira firmware update procedure for more information.

Where can I get the firmware files?

You can always download the most current firmware files from the Cornerstone website, at

Alternately, you can also download the most current firmware files from the main Biamp website, at

Firmware rollback 

Any Tesira units which shipped with 3.5.2 or later (approximately June-July 2018 onwards) cannot be downgraded past 3.5.2, only upgraded to later versions. Certain hardware component changes were implemented across the Tesira platform and these changes required a supporting firmware update. Units containing the newer hardware are not compatible with earlier firmware versions.

This is covered in our release notes for Tesira firmware version 3.5.2, and was also sent as a customer notification via email in June 2018.

  • Added support for new hardware revisions of Tesira SERVER, SERVER-IO, and all TesiraFORTÉ variants. Note that the new hardware revisions of these products are not compatible with firmware versions earlier than 3.5.2. Products with these new hardware revisions will begin shipping some time after the release of 3.5.2 firmware.

Tesira software allows users to load older FW versions to hardware, and in some cases a customer site may require such rollbacks be applied. In these exceptional cases it is permissible to roll back as far as Tesira FW version  

Biamp does not recommend downgrading FW on any hardware once a newer version has been loaded. Biamp does not perform full regression testing on rollbacks to prior FW versions. We recommend always updating to the latest available public release firmware as soon as possible. This ensures all units are up to date with the latest improvements and features.

All new hardware ships with the latest firmware release. 

Any hardware which is shipped to Biamp for repair is updated to the latest firmware release during testing and evaluation. Units return ship fully repaired and tested with the latest available public release firmware loaded.



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