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Tesira firmware update instructions

There are several firmware files available for Tesira upgrades.  This article describes how to determine which file you need, and links to specific firmware upgrade instructions for each case.

Which firmware file should I use?

In most cases, you can simply update a Tesira device directly to the latest firmware version. However, there are some special cases that might require an intermediate firmware update. To find the Biamp-recommended update path for a Tesira device, please use the Tesira firmware update path calculator.

Below are detailed firmware update instructions for the normal case and some special cases.

Normal firmware update

If your Tesira device already has a firmware version between 3.12 or later, then the normal firmware update file should be used.  See Normal Tesira firmware update procedure for more information.

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x: One time update

The one-time upgrade file can only be used to upgrade a Tesira device from firmware version 1.x to version 2.1.0.  If you're trying to upgrade a device from 1.x to a version that is newer than 2.1.0, you'll need to apply the one-time upgrade first, and then apply the normal firmware update. The one-time update installs a new recovery boot environment. For detailed instructions on applying the one-time upgrade, see Upgrading Tesira firmware to version 2.x.

Upgrading to 3.8 - 3.11: 2-step update

The upgrade to Tesira firmware version 3.8 requires a slightly different process. There are two firmware updates that must be installed in sequence. The first step updates the runtime environment, the second step updates the recovery boot environment. For instructions on this unique process for 3.8, see Upgrading Tesira firmware to version 3.8 to 3.11.

If a firmware update to version 3.8 or later fails and the device indicates (r) Device Internal Software Error this is symptomatic of a system that never received Step 2 of the 2-step update. The resolution is to load Steps 1 and 2 of firmware version 3.11 to the device to update the recovery boot environment, then update to the latest firmware. 

Where can I get the firmware files?

You can always download the most current firmware files from the Cornerstone website, at

Alternately, you can also download the most current firmware files from the main Biamp website, at



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