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Tesira Software & Firmware

The latest versions of Tesira software and firmware can be downloaded from this page.

Oreno Manager software is only available to download via the link appearing on the invoice once Oreno has been purchased.


If you have an existing Netgear GS724Tv4 switch please update the switch configuration before upgrading to v2.4.2 or higher firmware. Click here to get the updated config file.

**Please note that there is a known issue in the public release version 3.0.0 of Tesira Firmware.**

The issue can cause Tesira expanders to occasionally become undiscoverable on the network, which causes a loss of audio to/from those expanders. This issue only affects Tesira systems that include Expanders and are set up in “separate” network mode, meaning that the Control network is completely isolated from the AVB network. It will not affect systems that are in “converged” network mode, which is the default (and more common) configuration.
If your system meets this criteria or if you have questions regarding this issue, please contact the Biamp Technical Support Team at 1-877-BIAMP-XO for more information.    

Release notes

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