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Tesira device count limits

Tesira systems can incorporate a huge number of Tesira servers, expanders, and control devices; allowing Tesira to scale from small systems to the largest systems.  There are upper limits on the number of devices that can participate in a single Tesira system.  This article documents those device count limits.

For the purposes of this article, a Server refers to SERVER, SERVER-IO, or TesiraFORTÉ.  An Expander device refers to an AVB expander, like an EX-IN, EX-OUT, or EX-MOD, as well as a logic expander like the EX-LOGIC. Tesira amplifiers are also considered Expander devices that require an audio server. Amplifiers and expanders (except EX-LOGIC) cannot participate in a video-only system.  A Control device refers to control interfaces like the TEC-1. Video refers to a TesiraLUX IDH-1 and OH-1 video input and output devices.

For installations that require more than the device limits allow, the system will need to be split in two or more independent systems on isolated network segments. 

All Tesira systems

The following device count limits apply to all Tesira systems, running firmware release 3.0 or newer:

  • Up to 128 Server, Expander, Video and/or Control devices, in any combination 
  • Up to 128 devices per network segment
  • Each Server can act as the proxy for up to 64 Expanders devices, in any combination
  • Each TesiraFORTÉ can act as the proxy for up to 32 Expanders devices, in any combination

Tesira systems with only TesiraLUX and Control devices

For systems containing only Video and Control or EX-LOGIC devices, the following device count limits apply:

  • Up to 128 Video, Control and EX-LOGIC devices
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