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Microphone Isolation Factor

This article describes the Microphone Isolation Factor setting in the Tesira Gain Sharing Automixer.

Settings Dialog

GM_MIF_Control.pngThe Microphone Isolation Factor setting is accessed by clicking on the Mic Options button in the Gain Sharing Automixer.

This parameter adjusts the speech confidence measured on each input, and can be used to tune the way the Gain Sharing Automixer proportionally distributes gain among all channels. The Microphone Isolation Factor has a default value of 1.0 and can be adjusted within the range of 0.0 to 2.0.

To increase the amount of gain provided to more confident channels (i.e. inputs from microphones that are likely being spoken into), the Microphone Isolation Factor should be slowly increased from 1.0 towards 2.0, until an acceptable amount of gain on active channels is achieved. This may prove to be helpful in scenarios where the Gain Sharing Automixer is operating on a relatively large number of inputs.

To equalize the gain provided on each channel, the Microphone Isolation Factor should be slowly decreased from 1.0 towards 0.0. This can be helpful in scenarios that involve a relatively small number of inputs, or in scenarios where it is unacceptable to "miss" something that is said into a microphone, even if the talker is speaking at a low volume (e.g., court recording feed). 

As the Microphone Isolation Factor gets closer to 2.0, a larger proportion of the system gain will be given to the most active mic, and inactive mics will get less gain.  The closer the Microphone Isolation Factor is to 0.0, all mics will get a more uniform amount of gain, and active mics will not be highlighted above inactive mics as much.

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