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Microsoft Teams Spatial Audio Setup

Spatial audio in Teams Rooms™ on Windows™ brings “next-generation audio” to the front-row experience when connected to a stereo audio system.


Tesira Setup

Spatial Audio is supported on Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows when the Tesira USB interface is configured for
"2-channel stereo speakerphone with AEC". This option is available for EX-UBT and Forté X USB connections.
When creating the Tesira configuration, the programmer must maintain the stereo image from the USB input throughout the design for Spatial Audio to work properly.



Microsoft Teams Setup

Note that Spatial Audio is not enabled by default and must be manually enabled by the Teams™ administrator in order to work.
To do this, the Teams Administrator must add <IsSpatialAudioEnabled>true</IsSpatialAudioEnabled> to the XML configuration file.
Once the feature is enabled, you can also turn it ON or OFF using the audio setting under … (More) menu during a meeting.
This toggle affects every meeting joining from the device


You can read more about creating your Microsoft Teams XML configuration file by following this link:
Remotely manage Microsoft Teams Rooms device settings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. 

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