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Adjusting multiple levels with a single TEC-X 1000

Wrench_Bld.pngThe TEC-X 1000 knob control can only be tied to one level per page in your configuration block.  We can work around this limit using multiple pages which the TEC-X 1000 supports as of firmware 4.0  See below for a sample file with guides on how to achieve this in your own program.


The sample file

The provided sample file: HomeSystemTest_MultiLevelTECX-Template compiles to a single TCMX-A, Forte-X 400, EX-UBT, and TEC-X 1000.  It illustrates how a TEC-X 100 volume knob can be tied to different levels, provided that each different level is on a different TEC-X page.


File Download: HomeSystemTest_MultiLevelTECX-Template


A detailed look at the TEC X-100 configuration

The page flip controls

  1. Highlight a button control in your TEC-X
  2. Navigate to the press function in the control dialog.
  3. Select the page you wish to flip to.




The level controls (1 per page)

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to set the control on
  2. Highlight the volume knob.
  3. Select the level you wish the knob to control on this page.
  4. Ensure the Counter-Clock Wise control is populated.
  5. Ensure the Press control is populated if needed.



Further reading

TEC- X programming guide