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Can I use Dante or 3rd party amplifiers with Launch?


Biamp Launch, available on Forte X, Devio SCX, and Parle bars, allows Biamp conferencing spaces to be set up without programming DSPs.  However, it is important to be aware of which devices can and cannot be included in a Launch-configured system.

Note: For a detailed overview of Biamp Launch see our detailed tech note on the subject -  Biamp Launch


A Biamp Launch-configured system cannot include:

  • Dante Inputs or outputs
  • Analog microphones
  • Touch panel controls - Impera or 3rd party
  • Amplifiers that are not the AMP-450P or AMP-450BP amps


Launch-compatible devices:

  • Biamp Parle microphones - not to exceed the number of AEC channels your DSP supports.

    • TCM-1.

    • TCM-1A.

    • TCM-X.

    • TCM-XA.

    • TTM-X.

  • Biamp Parle amplifiers

    • AMP-450P

    •  AMP-450BP

  • (1) EX-UBT with support for 1x1 USB audio and 2x1 Bluetooth audio. 

  • (1) HD-1 controller.

  • The analog I/O of a Tesira is a mono signal for a codec device. 4.20 Firmware and later is needed

  • The GPIO can only be used for a system-wide mute. 4.5.0 Firmware and later are required

Please note that only one type of microphone can be used in a launch system

TC-5 network appliances may be connected on Ports 2-5 to increase the number of AVB and PoE+ network ports available. 

For more details, see the "Discovery" section of the full Biamp Launch article.


Manually configuring a Forte X:

To Manually configure the Forte X you must first clear the Launch Configuration. This can be done in the Tesira software.  Please note that Devio SCX and Parle bars cannot be manually configured, they are Launch only

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