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Changing the IP of a TEC-X

To change the IP of a TEC-X, a Tesira server-class device must be on the same subnet as your TEC-X. Please note the TEC-X will be configured in DHCP mode from the factory with a "Link Local" address (IP: 169.254.x.x Subnet mask: set as a fallback.


Systems using DHCP servers

In a system with a DHCP server running, the network details will be configured automatically and the TEC-X is discoverable.


Systems using static IPs

Perform the following when adding a TEC-X to a system configured using static IPs:

  1. Change the IP of your Tesira server-class device to DHCP.
  2. Set your laptop to DHCP.
  3. Discover the TEC-X.
  4. Change the IP of the TEC-X to a static IP in the same range as the rest of the system.
  5. Change the IP of the Tesira server class device back to its static IP.