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Using a Tesira AVB amplifier without AVB


Some Tesira AVB-based amplifiers allow for analog failover.  This allows these amplifiers to operate off an AVB network.  However, these amps must be told to operate with analog failover enabled.  to do that a DSP file must be sent just to the amplifier.  This article demonstrates how to do so, and provides some templates.

This applies to the following amps 4175R, 4350R, 4300R CV, 8175R


Add the amp to your file and enable analog failover


  • Select the number of cards that are installed in the chassis
  • Bridge any channels that are needed
  • with a 4300R CV amp select if this will be 70V or 100V


Connect AVB.1 Input blocks to the Amp block


This will allow the file to compile to just the amp, also the lack of AVB audio will force the analog failover to take effect. 

Once compiled the file equipment table will have only one entry for the amp


Push the configuration after filling out the equipment table similar to any other Tesira file.


Sample files

Below are sample files, no bridging is enabled in these samples.