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Re-recording a VoIP page

When paging via the VoIP interface on a Vocia MS-1, there may be times when the user needs to cancel the recording and start over.  This article describes how to configure the MS-1 to make that possible.


  • Set up the VoIP Extensions in the MS-1 configuration so that Page Recorded and Hang Up are enabled:

  • When the user makes a page, they can hit # at any time to end the recording.


  • The Page Recorded message will play and give the user the option to cancel the page by pressing *.  The user will have a finite amount of time to cancel the page (5 seconds by default), as specified in the Universe Properties of the Vocia configuration (Cancel Delay):


  • The user can cancel a page at any time (during recording) by pressing # to stop the page, and then pressing the  * key to cancel the page.


  • Since Hang Up is selected as well – if they do not need to cancel the recording, they can hang up the phone and the message will play automatically.
Top Tip! – if you want to make it so the user doesn’t have to hang up and dial back in to make multiple pages in succession – enable the Continuous check box. This will bounce them back to the beginning of the call each time a page is released.

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