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Apprimo Touch Panel stays white/black after system reboot

Occasionally, the Apprimo Touch Panels can get to a state where they don’t show an interface
after the control system has been out of power or rebooted.


Workaround 1

Restart the panel by unlugging the power to the screen and then plug it back in again.

Workaround 2

Press the pinhole button to enter the “Pinhole Menu”.
Select “Connect to System”.

Workaround 3

If connect to system does not work, please try the following:

1.    Go to the “Pinhole Menu” > Application Settings > Biamp Control

2.   Click the “Clear data”-button and confirm. This will take you to the boot screen again.

3.   Enter the “Pinhole Menu” and press “Control System IP address” to re-enter the IP address of the control system.

4.   Select “Connect to the control system” to establish a connection to the control system load the GUI.


To fix this issue you need to update the firmware of the panel.
You can update the panel by following the instructions in this article:
How can I update the app on an Apprimo Touch Panel? - Biamp Cornerstone