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NPX support for separated networks

This article covers the increased network topology support for the NPX paging station family of devices.

In Tesira software and firmware version 4.3 (and newer) and NPX paging stations running firmware version 1.1 (and newer) Biamp extended support to cover separated AVB network topologies on all models of NPX handheld and gooseneck devices. This addition to manage the paging stations via the Control network greater aligns with past management of expander-class devices.

Station management functions are now able to be performed via the control network for separated AVB media and Control networks.



        Image 1: New supported topology for paging station management and audio transport of an NPX paging station.


Prior to firmware version 4.3 and NPX firmware version 1.1, maintenance functions of the NPX paging stations required the PC running Tesira software to be connected to the Media network.

Past topologies for station management will continue to be supported. Further details can be found in the Configuring a Tesira NPX paging system article.

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