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Windows Firmware Update on Devio SCX

This article describes the automatic firmware update feature for Devio SCX models in a Microsoft Windows environment.


Microsoft Windows Update

Devio SCX versions 4.8.0 and newer support firmware updates via the Microsoft Windows Update feature. Traditionally, Devio devices could only be updated via their network interface using the Web UI or SageVue. Devio SCX is now capable of receiving new versions of firmware via USB from the Windows host device to which it is connected. Firmware images are stored on the Microsoft Update servers for deployment in the same manner that a PC component or peripheral would receive driver updates. This aligns with Microsoft Teams Certification requirements.



Default Behavior

A new Devio SCX or a device reset to factory defaults will be Windows Update capable by default. When upgrading through firmware 4.8.0 for the first time, Launch will be required to activate the feature.

Configuration via the Web UI

A factory default Devio SCX will be Launch-ready with the Enable Windows Update feature selected. However, USB updates will not take place until the Launch configuration is complete, as the USB endpoint is configured during the Launch process. The setting may be administered on the Audio page of the device Web UI:

Default Audio.png

Alternatively, the option is configurable in the Settings page under firmware:

Deafult Settings Page.png

Automatic FW Updates may be enabled/disabled during runtime on a Launch-configured system. If Automatic FW Update is disabled, it will not re-enable if the system undergoes another Launch configuration. Only a factory reset procedure will override the current user selection.




With Windows Update enabled on the Devio SCX, new firmware versions will be installed during the normal Windows Update process. Scheduling and applying updates is managed by the host device. 



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