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USB devices compatibility

Here we provide indications of third-party USB devices that are known to have been tested by Biamp’s community to be compatible with the wireless videoconferencing feature of Modena Hub.

Please note that Biamp is not always made aware of changes made by third parties to the hardware or firmware of the devices referenced, and therefore Biamp cannot guarantee compatibility with any of the products listed on this page. For more information please contact

Connecting Devices

Connecting a Single USB Device

Modena Hub is equipped with one USB 2.0/3.0 port. A single USB device can be connected directly to the USB port of Modena Hub, this is typically the case of a Devio unit, or an all-in-one camera that also handles audio in and out.

Any USB 2.0/3.0 device peripheral compatible with USB driver 1.0 and directly plugged into the USB port, is theoretically compatible with Modena “Wireless USB” feature. However, Biamp cannot guarantee a full or even limited compatibility with all the several devices available on the market.

Connecting Multiple USB Devices

Multiple separated audio and video sources (e.g. a webcam and a speakerphone) can be connected to Modena Hub with the help of an external USB hub. Due to a large number of possible combinations, these must be tested on a case by case basis. It is recommended to use a powered USB hub to avoid possible power loss on the connected devices.

Echo Cancellation

Modena does not provide embedded Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) capabilities.

To avoid unwanted echoes at the far end, Modena is required to work in combination with AEC-enabled hardware. This can be either a DSP (Biamp Devio, Biamp Tesira), a speakerphone, or an all-in-one camera.

In some cases, also a software echo cancellation can be obtained with the use of videoconference clients (Zoom, Microsoft Teams). When used in combination with Modena, the effectiveness of this solution varies greatly depending on several factors that can also change over time, and cannot be guaranteed in any way.

List of community tested USB devices 

All-In-One Cameras

Brand Model
Angekis OneTouch
Aver VB342
Aver VB342+
Crestron UC-SB1-CAM
HuddleCamHD Go (HC-GO-BK)
Jabra PanaCast 50

Note: requires Modena firmware version 4.0.20 or later
Laia Cute UP 4K Pro
Logitech MeetUp
Poly Studio

Conference Systems

Brand Model
Aver VC520+
HuddleCamHD HuddlePair (HC-HUDDLEPAIR)
Logitech Rally system

Note: Modena works only when connected to the Logitech Rally Table Hub - not the Display Hub
Poly G7500


Brand Model
Ausdom AUSDOM HD Webcam 1080P
Aver CAM340

Note: the camera USB transfer mode must be set to the default value of "Isochronous"
Aver CAM340+

Note: the camera USB transfer mode must be set to the default value of "Isochronous"
Aver CAM540
Aver CAM540 Pro

Notes: the camera firmware must be updated to the latest release
Aver PTC310 / TR311

Note: camera only, the embedded microphone must not be selected in the Modena USB configuration page
Aver VB130
Aver VB520 Pro
Avonic AV-CM20
Avonic AV-CM22-VCU

- with a USB 2.0 connection: camera and mic
- with a USB 3.0 connection: camera only (for the camera to work, the embedded microphone must not be selected in the Modena USB configuration page)
Avonic AV-CM40-Black/White
Avonic AV-CM41-VCUC
Avonic AV-CM44-VCUC
Avonic AV-CM70-IP-Black/White
Avonic AV-CM71-IP-White 
Avonic AV-CM73-IP-Black/White
Huawei 100-HW UHD
HuddleCamHD 3X (HC3X-xx-G2)
3X with microphone array (HC3XA-xx)
HuddleCamHD 10X-USB2 (HC10X-USB2-xx)
10X-USB2 with microphone array (HC10XA-xx)
HuddleCamHD 10X-G3 (HC10X-xx-G3)
HuddleCamHD 30X (HC30X-xx-G2)
HuddleCamHD Pro (HC-EPTZ-USB)
HuddleCamHD Webcam (HC-WEBCAM-104-v2)
Huddly GO
Huddly IQ

Note: requires Modena firmware version 4.0.18 or later
Jabra PanaCast 2

Note: camera only; embedded microphone is not supported
Jabra PanaCast 3

Note: camera only; embedded microphone is not supported
Laia Broadcaster 4K Total
Laia Cute PC Pro
Laia Cute 10X
Laia Cute 12X, 30X
Laia Cute 4K Total
Laia Cute Lite
Laia Cute 4K AI 2021
Logitech Brio
Logitech C270
Logitech C310
Logitech C525
Logitech C920
Logitech C922
Logitech C925
Logitech C930
Logitech PTZ Pro
Marshall CV610-U3NV2
Marshall CV610-UB
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000
Microsoft LifeCam Studio
Panasonic AW-UE4
PTZOptics 12X (PT12X-USB-xx-G2)
PTZOptics 20X (PT20X-USB-xx-G2)
PTZOptics Webcam-80 (PT-WEBCAM-80-v2)
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT 10
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV

Microphones / Speakers / Speakerphones

Brand Model
Avonic CM-MIC100
Beyerdynamic Phonum
ClearOne Chat 160
Crestron UC-SB1
HuddleCamHD HuddlePod Air (HP-AIR-xx)
HuddleCamHD HuddlePod Air2 Duo (HC-HPAIR2-DUO)
Jabra Speak 410
Jabra Speak 510 (including Bluetooth)
Jabra Speak 710 (including Bluetooth)
Jabra Speak 810
Nureva HDL300
Poly Communicator CX-100
Revolabs FX UC 500
Yealink CP920

Bridges and Converters

Brand Model
Audinate Dante AVIO 2CH USB I/O Adapter
Vaddio AV Bridge Mini Audio/Video Encoder

Note: requires all connections with USB 3.0 (not 2.0) cables

USB Hubs

Brand Model
Extron SW2 USB
Extron SW4 USB
Lindy 7-port USB 3.0 metal hub (43128)
Startech 4-Port Industrial USB 3.0 Hub with ESD Protection

HDMI to USB Converters

Brand Model
Blackmagic Web Presenter
Inogeni HD2USB3 – HDMI to USB 3.0
Marshall VAC-12HU3 – HDMI to USB 3.0

USB Switches

Brand Model
ATEN 4x4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Peripheral Sharing Switch (US3344)
Inogeni TOGGLE – USB 3.0 Switcher

Note: USB only switcher; remote control via logic I/O port or serial port is available

KVM Switches

Brand Model

Note: USB+HDMI switcher; remote control via serial port is available

USB Extenders

Brand Model
Icron USB 3-2-1 Starling 3251C Series
Icron USB 3-2-1 Raven 3104
Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2311
Kanex EXT-USB250M
Kanex EXT-USB2100M