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Biamp Systems

Tesira asymmetric amplifier FAQ


How many devices can I daisy-chain?
Can I connect a Tesira Expander or other non-amp Tesira devices to the daisy-chain?
Does hardware need to be preconfigured for device discovery to work in daisy-chain mode?
Does the amplifier support other network modes?


What is asymmetrical power allocation and why would I need it?
Can I change the asymmetrical power allocation between channels during runtime?
Can I mix and match low impedance and constant-voltage speaker outputs on 1 amplifier chassis?
Does the amplifier add additional gain in the DSP signal chain?
How many input streams will each amplifier support?
Is an external transformer required for 70V or 100V modes?
What happens if I connect a 100V speaker but set the amplifier channel(s) to 8 ohms?
Why are the amplifiers 2U?
What class of amplifier is this?

Signal Protection/Limiting

What sort of limiting or protection do these amplifiers have?
Should a limiter block be used in my DSP layout with the amplifier?

Automute/Sleep Mode/Remote Chassis Mute

How do the amp channels go into automute mode?
How does the amplifier go into automute mode?
How do I wake the amplifier up from automute?
How long does it take to recover from automute?
What is the power consumption while all channels are in automute?
How do I put the amplifier to sleep (low power mode)?
How do I wake the amplifier up from sleep (low power mode)?
How long does it take the amplifier to wake from sleep (low power mode)?
What is the power consumption while in sleep mode?
Can the amplifier be muted from a fire alarm panel?